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About Me

I’m Nicole O Kelly (she/her) and I am from Offaly but I live in Dublin with my partner, my daughter and our pets. However we will be relocating this July to Roscommon.  
You are likely to find me wrapped up cosy with a cup of tea in hand and a book or yoga mat in the other. I love exploring the land of Ireland and reconnecting with our Celtic calender and ways of living. 

I have worked many jobs all in the service industry in some form - from nails & beauty to in kitchens & brewing coffee all leading me to here in some way.
My passion now lies in supporting people in transitional phases of life as I step into the more less spoken about areas such as menstruation, birth and postpartum.


Throughout my work as a birth and postpartum Doula, yoga teacher, circle facilitator and reiki practitioner I aim to provide an inclusive compassionate space while weaving in whole body care - mind, body and spirit. 

I hope this gives you some insight into me and what I do. I am looking forward to connecting with you.

Nicole. x

Nicole O Kelly Doula & Yoga
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