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What is a Postpartum Doula ?

A postpartum doula is a professional who provides families with continuous practical, emotional, physical and informative support through the postpartum stage - also known as the 4th trimester. This support is provided in your home usually in 4hour + visits. If you book a package it can include a postpartum planning session during pregnancy.

A doula will provide unbiased individualized support for your families postpartum needs.

This care can also be received after an abortion or miscarriage individualized to your specific needs.

My care as a doula is inclusive to ALL families knowing all people and families are unique.

I hope to provide compassionate, grounding care with an evidence based and holistic approach. 

Postpartum Doula Support

Informative Care

A doula provides informative care and resources so you can make the best decisions for you and your family. Doula's can answer your questions and provide you with research to make fully informed decisions in regards to postpartum recovery, baby feeding, sleep, postpartum food/nutrition, relationship adjustments and more.

A postpartum planning session during pregnancy can help you get prepared in advance for a positive postpartum transition.

Emotional Care

Emotional support throughout postpartum is so important for the parent/s as there are so many big changes happening alongside recovery, lack of sleep and family dynamics adjusting. A doula can support by taking time during visits to check in with you and fully listen without giving biased advice, by providing reassurance and being a friendly encouraging part of your support system. Doula's will discuss extra emotional support tools from grounding & relaxation techniques and ways to take care of your mental health postpartum. 

Physical Care

Physical care can include assisting with comfort measures to support the birthing parents recovery, assisting with newborn care, allowing parents time to nap/shower/bath/eat, light household duties, cooking meals and snacks, spending time with older siblings and more.

Practical Care

As part of my care I offer access to my private platform of tools and resources to support my clients.

Practical care includes postpartum and baby care education, putting plans in place for the postpartum and adjustments to life with a newborn, support by phone, text or email for any questions and providing details of other types of care providers that could be of support in your area when needed.

All of this and more are some of the ways I can be of support to your family. 

Request a free no obligation discovery phone call to find out more about the doula's role, ask any questions, discuss your individual needs and how you would like to be supported. This is a great way of finding out if I am the right doula for you and your family.

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