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What is a Doula ?

A doula provides parents and families with continuous practical, emotional, physical and informative support through the spectrum of pregnancy and postpartum.

This care can include preconception, pregnancy, birth, abortion, miscarriage and postpartum. 

Care is professional, unbiased and individualized to each family.

Doula's are not a medical care provider. 

My care as a doula is inclusive to ALL families knowing all people and families are unique.

I hope to provide compassionate, grounding care with an evidence based and wholistic approach. 

  • Is it too late to book a doula?
    No, please get in touch and I can check if I have availability. If I don't I can always refer you to someone else who does. It is always recommended to book in advance if you wish to secure a doula but it is never to late to look for support.
  • Are payment plans available?
    Yes we can decide on a payment plan or a one off payment whatever suits you best. Payment plans include no extra costs.
  • Can you support me support me online virtually or just in person?
    Yes we can create a package to suit your needs. It is up to you if you would prefer virtual doula support over zoom, text and email or if you would like a mixture of both in person and virtual support.
  • Are you Garda vetted?
    Yes as a member of The Doula Association of Ireland I am garda vetted.
  • What are your prices for doula support?
    Prices vary on what type of support you would like to receive. Birth doula support is usually priced by your individualized support package and may include postpartum support. Postpartum support by itself is usually priced by the hour or a package can be made. Contact me to book a free discovery call and discuss prices.
  • Can a doula support me if I am having a miscarriage or abortion?
    Yes I can support you before, throughout as well as postpartum care after a miscarriage or an abortion. You deserve to be fully supported no matter what.
  • Can a doula support me if giving birth in the hospital? Can my partner still be there?
    Yes a doula can support you where ever you choose to birth. Doula's are there to support both you and your birth partner (if applicable). A doula is in attendance as your support person or 2nd support person and is not a medical support.
  • Can I still have a birth doula if I don't want them in person at my birth?
    Yes you can, a birth doula can still be of great support throughout your pregnancy in preparation for your birth and postpartum. Having my support would still include virtual check in's with any questions around the time of your birth.
  • Can a doula support me if I am having a freebirth?
    Yes I support you however you choose to birth including freebirth. I would be in attendance as a non medical support person. Note - It is individual to each doula if they provide freebirth support.
  • Can a doula support me if I know I am having a caesarean section?
    Yes a doula can be a great support no matter how you are giving birth. Usually hospitals only allow one support person in the room with you for the birth, it is up to you who this will be. If you have a partner attending the birth a doula can be of support throughout pregnancy, in preparation and afterwards.
  • My baby is here can I still hire a postpartum doula?
    Yes many people find they need the extra support after baby arrives. Please get in touch, I am here to support you. Support is usually provided between newborn up until your baby is around 4-5 months old depending on your families needs.
  • I have older children too can my doula support them also?
    Yes a doula is here to support your whole family unit. A doula can be helpful with tips and assisting older siblings to adjust to a newborn in the home and can also tend to them while you nap or shower. A doula is not a childminder/babysitter.
  • My baby is in the NICU/needs extra time in hospital. Can a postpartum doula still support us?
    Yes, this can be a difficult time for the whole family and a doula is here to make sure you all are supported. This can include assisting in supporting your recovery post birth, preparing nutritious food for you and your family, finding evidence based information to answer your questions and any other individual needs you have.
  • Can a postpartum doula support us after surrogacy or adoption?
    Yes a doula can support the family in all the same ways after surrogacy or adoption. A doula can also support a surrogate in their postpartum recovery.

Go to the drop down menu to get more information on the roles or a birth and postpartum doula.

Request a free no obligation discovery phone call to find out more about the doula's role, ask any questions, discuss your individual needs and how you would like to be supported. This is a great way of finding out if I am the right doula for you and your family.

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